Earnest Trust Management



Providing efficient and effective financial management services to private trusts, receiverships and conservatorships

Located in Arcadia in Los Angeles County, Earnest Trust Management provides independent and personalized fiduciary services that meet the needs of private trusts, receiverships and conservatorships. Working together, we prepare a plan that best meets the needs and goals of your unique situation.





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Services Provided

Daily bill payment

Manage both income and expenses to meet the financial goals of the beneficiaries, parties or conservatees.


tax returns

Specialized tax returns are required to be prepared and filed on behalf of the trust, receivership or the estate of the conservatorship. We will identify and retain a qualified and experienced tax accountant to prepare the required returns. Additionally, we will negotiate a competitive rate and manage the engagement from start to finish.

asset management

Non-financial assets will need to be identified, titled in the name of the trust, receivership or conservatorship and managed for the benefit of the beneficiaries, parties or conservatee. This also includes working with insurance brokers to ensure proper insurance coverage is in place.


Working with qualified investment advisors, we will prudently invest the assets of the trust, receivership or estate to minimize the risk of loss and taking into account all of the relevant factors impacting the investment decisions, such as the goals of the parties, their risk tolerance and their investment time horizon. As with all third parties, we actively retain, supervise and manage those that render investment advice to the trust, receivership or estate.

accounting reports

Regular accountings should be prepared and reviewed with all interested parties. Conservatorships and receiverships must prepare the reports as required by the courts and we recommend that all trusts use the same accounting and reporting in case judicial review should be required.

administration & management

We will ensure effective and efficient collaboration among all members servicing the needs of the trust, receivership or conservatorship to deliver value and personalized service.  We selectively consult with legal counsel as required.


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